Four steps towards a better social network


The planet is a studio of billions of artists, creators, and inventors experimenting with, testing, and producing the next masterpiece. unites the entire worlds desire protect the planet we call home.

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The future may be brighter, but not without a plan. Our protocol continuously aligns towards the global goals, and incentivizes the creative collaboration of all societies towards achieving them, for the people by the people.

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The fundamental dilemma underlying all of the problems we face is the illusion that unlimited economic growth is possible on a finite planet. Our protocol fundamentally shifts the incentives of society towards more sustainable life.

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Powered by a decentralized cloud and token economics, enables resource providers and contributors to earn the network currency without any middlemen or central points of control.

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In 5 Minutes Start Building the Future

  1. 1Create your IdentityDownload the app to create a decentralized identity so you always have 100% control over your own data and assets.
  2. 2Get some CHIContribute to circles, societies, and missions and create a future that everyone believes in - or purchase some CHI to define what you believe in yourself.
  3. 3Grow the NetworkParticipate in the global governance system by voting on what the global goals should be, who you think should lead, and voice your opinion on what needs to be done.

World Class Security

  • Unstoppable Security 1Unlike banks, governments, and corporations, we don't have a central database. E2E encryption and Trusted Execution Environments  ensure maximum security of your identity, data, and digital assets.
  • Social Key Recovery1In order to avoid the need for a central database we implemented a new decentralized social recovery system to recover your account through trusted peers.
  • 24/7 Monitoring1Automated fund monitoring and fraud detection technologies make sure you are always well ahead of any potential bad actors.

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